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Interactive Sound Installation

Everything Repeats and repeats.

The same news, the same goals,

Songs are still songs, Sports are still sports.

But still,
We are moving,


And accelerate.



Interactive Sound installation

When we drive we expose to the radio,half of us is on the road.And the other half is distract and open for new information.Commercials, News, sports, host shows and songs,All contains endless amount of language.


The users gets inside a car model, turn the radio on and starts to manipulate The radio signal with a USB Gaming steering wheel and foot pedals.


when the past is no longer valid and the future is endless, The only think that stands by its own is the Present.

The installation make you capture that present and manipulate with it in real time, And you can CONTROL the present like a machine,
And bring yourself into the sound of others.

The installation never repeat it self,

In every second,
In every city
I every Country,
Its sound different,
It can be about wars and philosophy, as it can be on slice of songs and cat food commercial.

The user creates music that can happen only in that moment, and only in that space.

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©2019 by Jacob Younessi.