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We are Galia Gal Srebernik and Nir Jacob Younessi, a creative singer and musician producer, collaberate in a musical ensemble that plays in the electronic-dance-ambient rhythms.

Galia Jein performing in Israel Nowadays and working on their first album.

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Galia jein

Galia jein

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BPM @ Night: Galia Jein - High Freq

Galia Jein - Only U?

Galia Jein - Wasted.mp4

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Ambient, Electronic, Beats , Live.

Electronic duo with the producer Nir Jacob Younessi and the singer

Anastasia Dobrushkin.

“its hard to describe our music, we love

to keep It open and let our audience to

experience it without any labels.

We make a bland of styles and languages, without filter of genre.

“From the begining improvisations are big part of the way we make music, we see the beautiful in the unknown and we love to be led In the dark". 

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