Nir Jacob Younessi - Sound, programming and music

Danny Tavori - Choreography and dance performance

The research for the show began with the search for technological means to make it possible to connect the experience of movement in space with the world of sound, we wanted to give the body a meaning through a dimension separated from the sense of sight - "to expand the body beyond its skin". If we look at dance and music as glimpses into a rich inner world of experience, then we have found a connection between the mediums that spans a new independent dimension for expression with a new artistic language.

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The "ONE" Project is a collaboration between two artists 

Luna Levana Rabinoviz - multidisciplinary artists Nir Jacob Younessi - Musician and electronic artist. 

The "ONE" Project create performances and visual art.

The subject of the works is "ONE"

how everything combine to be one piece of the universe, the subject presented in a cross-platform art,

spoken word, music, paint, video art, performance and installations.



Motion as revelation –tracing the dance of life

ZAZUA started out as a studio practice involving dancers in immersive“movement modeling” for the painting ofvisual art. It matured into a new radical performance-art technique that fuses painting, live music and dance, and that shares the transformative experience.
In ZAZUA, a blank sheet of paper is rolled out upon the floor. This paper then turns into a painting through a dynamic and intimate interplay between action- painter and dancer(s)—to the ongoing scenography provided by the musician.The result is a “motion portrait” that aims to capture a “gist memory” of thelive, 25-45 minute, joint creative trance.
Throughout the work the dancer treads upon the paper as the action-painter traces the dance and captures its mark.
The urgency of completing the painting, under the tyranny of the ever ticking clock turns the performance from an improvisation into a creation, and the audience from spectators to witnesses.