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"The Resonance of Rebellion: Echoes of Sustain" is a symphonic exploration of civil demonstrations – eruptions in the public sphere – and the rhythms of the natural world juxtaposed against the backdrop of the ever-evolving concept of "sustain". Incorporating authentic recordings from Israeli demonstrations, reimagined instruments from the heart of protests, and innovative motion-sensor technology, this soundscape confronts listeners with a vital question: In the delicate balance of disturbance and harmony, is a demonstration a discord or a harmonious cry for change?

A demonstration, at its core, is an eruption – a collective outpouring of voices, breaking through the mundanity of daily life to challenge, provoke, and inspire. It's a spontaneous reclaiming of public spaces, turning them into platforms of expression. Nir Jacob Younessi’s sonic artistry seeks to capture this essence, marrying interactive technology with raw, organic sound. This project, reflecting the shimmering duality of "sustain", encapsulates the determination and empathy that propel us forward, as well as the anxieties and challenges that mark our times. Here, nature, activism, and technology intertwine, crafting a narrative resonating with the modern experience.


Demonstrations in Israel can be viewed as a poignant microcosm of a more extensive global shift, a tangible stage in the changing dynamics of governance and the equilibrium of power. As Israel's streets reverberate with the sounds of civil dissent, this acoustic backdrop mirrors the larger chorus of voices rising in nations around the globe. Whether it's Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's leadership has been characterized by efforts to curtail the independent media and judiciary, or Poland, which has witnessed reforms that challenge democratic checks and balances, the soundscapes of protest are both varied and universally resonant. The world over, from the alleys of Jerusalem to the squares of Budapest and Warsaw, the atmosphere is thick with the sounds of demonstration—a testament to the global desire to defend democratic ideals. In the upcoming performance, the myriad sounds I produce and play will encapsulate the spirit of these worldwide protests. As listeners tune in, they will not only be connecting with the essence of Israel's demonstrations but also with the collective heartbeat of global resistance against the drift towards autocracy. These sounds, echoing from every corner of the world, are a reminder that the ideals of democracy, once thought unshakeable, require our vigilant defense and vocal assertion, now more than ever.


Reimagined Instruments: Using iconic instruments of demonstrations—horns, drums, and microphones—Younessi crafts unique versions that not only resonate with the spirit of protest but also allow for innovative musical experimentation. For instance, drums embedded with motion sensors could change tone based on movement intensity, while modified microphones might capture ambient sounds, turning them into harmonic echoes.

Collective Chorus: In an immersive segment of the performance, the audience will be prompted to collectively sing a song, guided by Younessi. This mass chorus, echoing the unity of demonstrations, will be manipulated live to resemble the ebb and flow of protests, transforming individual voices into a powerful harmonic movement.

Sonic Exploration of 'Sustain': Oscillating between high-pitched global anxieties to the soothing, undulating rhythms symbolizing community and hope, this project captures the diverse tonalities of what it means to "sustain" amidst societal upheavals.

Sound Integration & Live Performance: A meticulous layering of natural instruments, motion-sensor horn, and pre-recorded demonstration sounds culminate in a live performance by Younessi. This ensures the piece is charged with the raw, shifting energy akin to a live protest.

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