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Artistic statement

The research for the show began with the search for technological means to make it possible to connect the experience of movement in space with the world of sound, we wanted to give the body a meaning through a dimension separated from the sense of sight - "to expand the body beyond its skin". If we look at dance and music as glimpses into a rich inner world of experience, then we have found a connection between the mediums that spans a new independent dimension for expression with a new artistic language.

Our research questions are: How movement expressed through sound? How is noise interpreted through the body? And how harmony can be generated from noise? How does focus change the perception experience? How to express emotion through sound? How does sound can become physical? How to empty words from content to reveal their shape? And how can sound be treated as an object of choreography

inseparably from the body?

The means we have chosen to use are innovative technological instruments that allow us interpreted movement into data immediately. The information is received to the computer through motion and touch sensors, which we translate into sound through amplitude, pitch and direction.

We deliver the performance as an experiment in which the audience and the performers take part in but with different rolls. Through the chapters of the show, we unravel the relationship between sound and movement, using a recorded narration to guide the direction of thought, building up an alternative perspective to our psycho-acoustic experience.

The expression of the project at the moment is through performance in the genre of dance-theater and circus. The artistic language we developed took shape already through workshops for professional and non-professional audience, and installations connecting lights and video to the sensors are in progress.

The intention of the project is to enrich the world's perceptual experience through a refreshing interpretation to what already exists, we blur boundaries between our senses and melting ideas together into a memory that will expand the audience perspective on the experienceable universe.

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