**Work in progress**


"Between Awake and Dream" is a site specific musical-technological performance that illustrates the stages we go through during sleep, from falling asleep to waking up.
The structure of the concert and the score are parallel to the various stages of sleep and are used as musical motifs - conceptual music score.


The environment communicates directly with the sleep and affects it a lot, and accordingly the show will also be influenced by the environment in which it takes place and will combine unique sounds recorded in it.
The instruments in the show also depend on the environment. With the help of advanced technology, anything in the environment can become a musical instrument: an object, a material, a movement in space.
The show is built for both closed spaces and open space. Wherever it preformed it will hear and look differently.


The state of consciousness during sleep is different from the state of wakefulness, and the mystery that surrounds it has fascinated mankind since ancient times. We know that sleep is essential for the health of body and mind however, knowledge about it is relatively low and many topics are in learning and research and have yet to be solved.

The composition techniques of the performance is a combination between written melodies and harmonies and improvised music. Also I use  unconventional tools that add a dimension of aleatory music in the form of sound installation.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” 

- Mahatma Gandhi