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Worlds rise and fall all the time.

In the micro -  a person has a constant struggle with his "inner critic", which he has to overcome in order to succeed in getting up and moving on with his life.

In the macro-  we humans feed on the past and constantly plow into the future while completely ignoring the results we cause - the past becomes archeological, we take what we need and move on.

“Olamot" is a performance work that combines sound, ceramic material and movement. The work deals with creation and destruction by intense encounters between body and material.


The show is a continuous process of investigation and sound experiments, the combination that at first seemed non-trivial between a ceramic artist and a musician became a natural combination between spirit and matter.

The art that is created is experimental, subversive, movement and flexible.

The material is heavy, and dealing with it requires physical effort that takes out of us emotions and physical intensity that accompanies the creation in execution and substance.

The ways of producing sound from the material are endless, you can melt, caress, crumble and wet the material and produce a sound from it.

With the help of the ceramic material, the sound also becomes tangible, it becomes physical as soon as the material surrounds it and lifts it up, and it amplifies when the material becomes its resonance box.

The sound is affected by the material and the material is affected by the sound.


* This is a work in progress. 

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