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Chore­og­ra­phy, direction Arco Renz | Chore­og­ra­phy, performance Danielle Allouma | Dra­maturgy Arco Renz | Music Nir Jacob Younessi | Lighting Ryoya Fude­tani | Cos­tumes Flo­ra Miranda

REvolutions 2349 refers to the musical note 're' that vibrates at a frequency of 2349.32 Hz and to the rotating body. The performance aims to transform our sensory perception and triggers our imagination. Both dance, music and light form three spirals that unwind into a hypnotic whole in which space and time are palpable, structuring forces. Since the history of mankind, the body has been the archetype of dance and spiritual traditions, free and undirected. Like a moving cursor on that timeline, Danielle Allouma's dancing body seeks its own freedom of movement as an ode to change and to our hunger for emancipation. A mesmerising trip.


Dannny Tavori

DANNY TAVORI is a circus artist and director born in Israel, after he worked four years with children in risk and completed his bachelor's degree in mathematics, he discovered the world of circus and haven't left it since.

Danny and Nir is working for few years and created an artistic language. 

their work amplify each other and create a unique expirece to the audience.


residence in DOCH - Shtokholm

Francesca Hyde likes to live and work between realities. She easily gets mixed up between what could be called fact and fantasy, and is interested in playing with the boundaries between them. She has worked with her circus company Collectif and then... for the past decade, as a performer, writer, organiser, runner, fundraiser, monster, driver and cleaner among others. She is currently enrolled in the MA Contemporary Circus Practice program at Stockholm University of the Arts [previously DOCH], where she works with a 20 litre water container that goes by the name ‘Tank’.


Moran Asraf

"Letter of Release" is the product of Moran's research to observe and reflect on herself, starting with thoughts about a traumatic event from which she began the big change in her life: living. This is perhaps one of the more significant moves in her artistic endeavor, not because she has not exhibited solo exhibitions in the past, but because that “letter” closes a very deep emotional circle.

In a multi-media installation, Moran conceivably perceives the exit from reality and matter to light, from the material and the reality to freedom. Exit from the language to the abstraction in which there is an infinite state of buoyancy.

The exhibition will feature, among other things, a new, abstract video work, which raises the material to a level of infinite light, spreading and shrinking until it dissolves. There is a kind of "resuscitation" of the injured and painful body in the video. The sound was composed by Nir Jacob Younessi and is based on Moran's heartbeat. Documents from the same event will also be displayed, as well as documentation of the performance that took place at the venue.


Chanchal Banga

The ongoing installation "The Tiger is Coming!" examines the socio-cultural status of the artist Chanchel Banga, between India and Israel, through a multi-media installation that includes video sculpture and several performances, in which the audience walked between fairy tales, myths, and values that build Chanchal's personal identity versus the collective one.
It raises questions of identity, criticizes the effects of mass migration, borderline games of opening and closing and playing with human life. Chanchal also personally questions his own status in relation to the art establishment both in Israel and in India.
Love and Sex notes stock on the toilet's walls in Indian's trains as an act that undermines the marriage establishment in India, fairy tales intimidating children or the chapati (Indian pita) as a socio-political metaphor, all of these, among others, make up the multi-media. One can look at this artistic move as an "artistic journal" that evokes in its various parts childhood memories mixed with local prohibitions and myths, which have a different perception in Indian and Israeli culture.


performance at - OtherCircus

Kipat is British a performance artist currently working across Europe. He spent his earlier years developing to become an architect but
found himself within the physicals arts and has spent the last decade developing as a circus artist and dancer. Kipat loves to combine all the array of these artistic fields within his work and aspires to connect the physical arts world more concretely with the world of installation art.


CircuS.pHysical theatEr.daNce


performance at - OtherCircus

Eugenia Vorobieva and Nir Jacob Younessi create a unique and disturbing experience for the audience.

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