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Sound installation and a research subject.

"Cymatics " is an sound installation that gives visual expression to sound frequency.

When looking at nature, the living and the inanimate, we can see evidence for the existence of cyclical systems, such as -

Seasons, heartbeat, respiratory system and sea waves.

Periodicity exists on every scale - from the way cells are arranged in our bodies to the solar systems.

Sound is a change in air pressure in space over time and frequency is a recurrence of a change in air pressure.

In the installation, the material on the speaker is affected by the frequency produced by it and varies accordingly.


interactive video installation

"Mirror" is an interactive video installation that gives the viewer a chance to see themselves from a picturesque and different point of view.
The installation has two principles - the first is that time in the mirror runs slower. The viewer sees in parallel his real-time image and the image that was a few hundredths of a second ago. Once the viewer moves, the particles of his character (the pixels) disconnect and only when he stops moving they connect back to the character.
The second principle is color. The figure in the mirror is painted according to the amount of lighting in the environment. The light in space Interpreted in the mirror as "fire", which goes out every now and then and turns into a black and white image.


Sound installation

"Mapal"(Waterfall) is an interactive sound installation that uses elements from nature.
From the top of a tree trunk comes a small stream of water that is poured into a container.
The sound of water particle mixing creates a random musical piece that never repeats itself.
The water is mixed while maintaining the "turbulence flow",
A physical principle characterized by disorder, mixing and perfection.


Unusual Instrument installation

place your hand in the camera and start playing.

IMG_2083 2.heic


Unusual Instrument

Everything can be a music instrument. 

Paining in the background - Luna Levana Rabinoviz 


Interactive Sound Installation

Everything Repeats and repeats.

The same news, the same goals,

Songs are still songs, Sports are still sports.

But still,
We are moving,


And accelerate.

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