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A real-time playful arena within which the artists challenge the viewers’ perception of trigger and respons

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Reaction Time performance piece is led by 3 artists from various disciplines - a ceramic artist, a sound artist-researcher, and a code artist. During the process, a one-time dynamic installation is created in an attempt to "capture" time, distort, stop and document it.
This is a nonlinear and rhizomatic creative process, based on 3-layers: Body and Material> Sound> Code-based abstract image. It opens with a synchronized movement of the creators, interrupted by distortions of movement, sound, and image.

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he term ‘Reaction Time’ refers to the interval between stimulation and response.

Our absorption, processing, and sensory systems decipher the stimulus, as the information gathered by our senses undergoes cognitive processing, and is encoded in our memory. 

While we tend to attribute this term to instinctive systems, our body's communication with the abstract and digital space - which occupies a central part of our lives - produces a disruption in concepts of time and space, as we know them, and challenges our response time to those territories.

We are three artists and two curators, who strive to move the design field forward. We are intrigued by the way tactile craft resonant into the digital and virtual world, and connects human beings everywhere, today more than ever.
We are seeking to collaborate with fellow creators around the world, to create opportunities for creators, allow a safe space for questioning the obvious, and enable new experiences and a new way of thinking.
Our collective was established in Tel-Aviv in 2021, after a year of intensive experimentation and preparation. We are all established designers, each in their own field - active and creative in cultural fields such as exhibitions, performances, and residences. We all live and work in the Central area of Israel, and are also active in the commercial field and design academies.



Inbal Reuven

An independant Graphic designer and curator.

Graduate of the Department of Visual Communication and Typography at the Royal Academy of Art and Design (KABK) in the Netherlands (2006) and the International Program for Curators at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art (2021).

Teach conceptual thinking and typography at Goren school of design, The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College.

Specializes in book design, print and production.

Limor Prertz Samia

Designer and curator with over 20 years of experience in various design fields. Her journey began in textile design, evolved into graphic design, and in the last years, she is specializing in user experience design.

Over the years, Limor ran an independent studio in Tel Aviv and accompanied companies and startups from all fields, from the concept stage to product development.

She currently holds the position of Head of Design at an Israeli start-up company, where she recently established a design department.


Nir Jacob Younessi | Code, Electronics & Sound​ 

Nir Jacob Younessi is an electronic musician - classical, composer, sound artist, and multidisciplinary artist working in the digital world. Nir engineers the sound using software, operating sensors, and physical objects. He strongly believes in audience interactivity and sharing experiences for their fulfillment.

His outdoor works have platforms between the worlds of theater, dance, and circus to contemporary art, visual dimensions, and sonorous that activate all the visitor's senses. Nir studied music production and sound engineering and is a multidisciplinary artist who exhibits in various galleries and spaces in Israel and around the world.

Doron Naama Gelfer | Ceramic Artist & Performer

A multidisciplinary artist who creates in a variety of artistic mediums. Her works address gender, feminism, human encounters, and the perception of the female body in public and private spaces. In many of them, she uses her body in an attempt to illustrate her values ​​and beliefs.

Doron chooses to work with ceramics as a central medium as it is a sensory material, dedicated and responsive to touch and she combines it with other mediums such as performance, video, and installation. Doron is constantly inspired by the surroundings of South Tel-Aviv, where she lives and creates: the diverse population, the old and renewed industrial-urban environment, the dirt and beauty - all are an inspiration and creative materials for her.

Doron believes in the power of art to make a change, and in the power of artists to be the generator of change. She seeks to evoke renewed thought, attention, and concern in the audience in relation to social perceptions and issues that are taboo. The person and artist in her, are in sync with the urge to create and respond through art, the passion for creation and thinking exists in her all the time.

Olga Stadnuk | Image Design & Code

Olga’s work deals with the study of motion as an expression of movement in a given space and its transition from the physical to the virtual space.

A graduate from the Department of Interior Design, Building and Environment, Shenkar (2021), winner of the Azrieli Award for Excellence (2022), and a graduate of the International Program for Curators at Shenkar and the Professional Development Program for Designers at the Rothschild Center (2022). She studied at the Eindhoven Academy of Design as part of a student exchange (2020). These days she works as a user experience designer and assistant in the Department of Interior, Building and Environment Design in Shenkar and at the design research center at Shenkar.

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