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Computer View_edited.jpg


Experiment night

Bringing the perspective of the
computer while he used by us,
with the use of the computers
camera view and computers
random “talk”.

Video Art &Sound instillation.

Interactive Music Album by Jacob


The installation is a small dark cabinet with arcade controllers,

The user sits on a chair and see himself of a screen,

The album start to play and the user can crate a unique video and sound with the controllers that surround him, And creates his own version of the Album. Each use of the installation is

different. The user get a full live experience when he can influence the sound

and the video.

Every user get is own version of the album + video art to his mail that he

can upload.

this project can be in two forms:

As a 1 hour live performance show.

as a open for users Sound instillatio.

For more information:

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