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DANNY TAVORI is a circus artist and director born in Israel, after he worked four years with children in risk and completed his bachelor's degree in mathematics, he discovered the world of circus and haven't left it since.

Our work

Our work began as a creative collaboration between the sound artist Nir Jacob Younessi and the movement artist Danny Tavori working under Zazua project in the beginning of 2019. Later that year they worked again under the project #CircusDifferently which was directed by Danny and the music was composed by Nir, this project produced two shows collaborating Israeli contemporary artists together with international guests.

Since 2020 they started working together on the contemporary circus performance AMOW. While experimenting with connecting sound to movement sensors, they noticed they are entering into a new artistic universe, so they have decided to research this technology independently and thus Bdy.frqncy performance came into life.

Artist Residencies:

January  2022 - DOCH, Stockholm, Sweden. | Bdy.Freq project + AMOW 

September 2021 - Labonovo, Rian, France. | Bdy.Freq project 

August 2021 - Tras - Express, Chre, France. | AMOW 

July 2021 - Kelim Dance center, Bat yam, Israel. | AMOW 

May 2021 - Shabazi, Ein Shemer, israel | AMOW 

May  2019 - DOCH, Stockholm, Sweden. | Zazua project 


Cirkumania DOCH Stockholm 2022 - AMOW+ Bdy.freq (performance + lecture )

Kelim Shlovim Festival Tzavta, Tel Aviv 2021 - Bdy.Freq (performance)


The research for the show began with the search for technological means to make it possible to connect the experience of movement in space with the world of sound, we wanted to give the body a meaning through a dimension separated from the sense of sight - "to expand the body beyond its skin"


AMOW - "Amater of weight"

"Amater of weight" is a contemporary circus show made for a straps acrobat ,an electronic musician and a riger working in a colaboration live on stage.
Beyond the spectacular aesthetics, the show talks about human nature ,gender, masculinity and existentialism.

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Video art from our works,
Edit & Film - Danny Tavori
Music - Nir Jacob Younessi

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