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EP By Jacob Younessi

The album involved in the last two years and its a combination of few tracks that I made, 

It talks about aspects of relationships between individual and its environment, 

In the EP I Present my own grown from nothing into the full form of myself, 

Under The see - no time and space but the present, the “womb” moment where you float into a calm space and only have the present to hold on.

Rivers - childish play, naive person in front of the environment 

In a Tower - connection to the nature's environment. 

Your Color - deal with other persons, reflects the difficult of connection to other persons.

Walls - connection to the creator and to power that stands above us.


Your Color

Music & Video - Nir Jacob Younessi


AR And VR album realise installetion

This installation is a way to connect to other side of the album story, 

each of us is unique and every one have a "color" 

the installation based on  AR & VR technology that make the viewer feel like he is inside a story. 

"Your Color" - Digital art Work

"Walls" - a VR tour inside our spiritual mind.

"What is Your Color?" - AR basted on digital art works

"Our Army" - VR Video 

What is Your Color
"Our Army"
"Your Color"
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