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Hidhud: Video

In < Rustling, rattling, inhaling, crumbling, vibrating, shaking, disintegrating, rebuilding, flowing, blowing, and communicating. By simply living, our body produces sound.

Out >The singing of a bird, the construction of a new highway, a full restaurant and the noise in an airplane are all white noises we hear and ignore. 

In > Our pulse, breathing, nervous system and muscles are the “inside sounds” that design our sonar playground - like a non-stop beat.

Out < way our feet touch the ground while walking, the sound we make while communicating and the clothes that rub against our bodies - are all outside sounds we created and can control. 

Photo by Dr Kedmi
Hidhud: Video

HIDHUD is a long duration Sound performance that uses the sound of the environment to design an illusion.

This is an interactive work that communicate with the visitors , as they enter the space they become part of the environment - they become part of a world that created live on stage.

Hidhud: Text


Microphones will be scattered in the space and capture 

the sounds and the people around. 

By using motion sensors located on his hands and feet,

the performer will create a sonar painting  by using “paint” from the natural environmental sounds, revealing the transparent layer of sounds we ignore on a daily basis. 

Hidhud: Text


for Full experience please use headphones

Hidhud: Video

* This is a work in progress. 

For more information don’t hesitate to send an Email:

Hidhud: Text
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