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10 days residency with Francesca Hyde

Through the week Jacob Younessi And Francesca Hyde worked in the studio at DOCH University - Stockholm, 

and played with instruments of Jacob Younessi collection. 

wii controller 

Muse Headband

Camera detection 

Muse Headband

Using Muse  headband the performer can control the sound with his mind,

The pitch of the oscillator controlled by the headband, the pitch gets high as long the brain activity is high, and get low when the activity get lower.


The camera can follow light\color and control parameters in Ableton Live, 
Its easy mapped and works with horizontal and vertical lines. 
can be used as a performance tool or installation.


The performer get a wii controller that can control parameters in Ableton. 

In this video, the wii controller trigger the notes I play on midi keyboards, 

It like a guitar, I play the notes and she hit the string. 

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