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Interactive Sound Installation

The animals got confused!

Aquatic animals grew wings, terrestrial animals began to swim and amphibians sang songs.

Do not worry! Get closer to playing with them!

Creators - Nir Jacob Younessi, Noy Levin

Directed and acted by Noy Levin

Sound and interactivity - Nir Jacob Younessi

Help with Design - Shai Eid Aloni

The Zoological Ziva

Ziva the zoology  is used to see strange animals, but she does not know such confused animals.

Come and explore with Ziva the variety of animals!

Every half hour there is a "study of the zoological ziva," in which she explains and shows the children how to approach the animals.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-23 at 20.20.38.jpeg

In the installation there are several animals, each with an interactive element that gives children a play option.

play with the Tzipodag (bird-fish),

feed the Taninahash (alligator-snake) 

and tell the most hidden secrets to the Tupil.(parrot-elephant) 


What happens when a bird and a fish meet? Tzipodag! The fastest player in the band The Tzipodag collects sounds from the water and the sky Put one hand in the water and play with the other hand the scales of the tsipod


Cunning and very hungry - get to know the Taninahash! Crawling and writhing among the trees Waiting with an open mouth for insects and guests Feed the Taninahash and learn about manners


Is it a parrot or an elephant? It the Tupil! Stands on the highest branch And listens to the secrets of the forest animals Tell the Tupil your secret and listen to his advice

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