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What About OUR Voice? - Melodic Ambient Sound Scape​

Everything has a frequency. and in our show we reveal the environment’s unique Vibrations, which reveals the spectrum of our feelings in Relation to the Vibration.
How Sounds are Made?

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Each instrument has its own Say.

The voice = Made With Choice - Liberty

Organ = Made with Blow- Air Pressure

Piano = Vibration by - Hitting and Stroking

Computer = You made Me - You Control (?)

The concerts includes 4 parts,Each part Creating the emotions that the instrument inflicts.


Optimistic and opening, the Feeling of new beginnings, I'm free to make my own individual sound.


When pressure comes to life, I’ve been pushed into somewhere I don’t know.
How everything becomes more narrow, and how I am Led into a place that is out of My reach without it.


Your Power is crucial, Tenderness or a punch is the difference between a Caress and a Scream, you decide the nature of our relationship.


We are programmed, our lives are a simulation of someones desires, But, we know we are smarter.

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The concert is made for specific places with a conceptual line.
When we come to a new place we build the individual sound that our surrounding makes which insures that Every concert Unique.

Option to perform with live painting and video art. 

Composed and directed by Jacob Younessi


Jacob Younessi - Computer

Anastasia Dobrushkin - Voice

Nuphar Fey - Piano
Yehezkel Raz - Organ

Length and structure

1 hour concerts divided to 4 chapters



Hitting and Stroking

You control (?)

For Technical Requirements and more information:

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