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Visual platform of Sound


Cymatics is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena, it revels how frequencies look. 

In my work the frequencies are sound waves.

Periodicity exists on every scale - from the way cells are arranged in our bodies to the solar systems. Seasons, heartbeat, respiratory system and sea waves - all are evidence for the existence of cyclical systems.

Sound is a change in air pressure in space over time and frequency is a recurrence of a change in air pressure.

One of the earliest experiment with Cymatics occurred in the 18th century by Ernst Chladni. 

"Chladni  best-known achievements was inventing a technique to show the various modes of vibration on a rigid surface, known as Chladni figures due to the various shapes or patterns created by various modes. When resonating, a plate or membrane is divided into regions that vibrate in opposite directions, bounded by lines where no vibration occurs." (from wikipedia).

Frequencies are the way we experiment the world - sound and light that travel in the air and define the space physics and tell our mind how to "see" the world. 

We are full of moving particles that repeats in a circular way.

when you can "see" the sound with the installation, it creates much more complete version and different way to experience music,

In my experiment I use a speaker and a plastic cover. The way I use the speaker is different from the traditional experiment of Chladni Plate because I make the third dimension (hight) that not exists in the original experiment, it gives the experiment random aspects that I believe part of the Cymatics story. 

Cymatic installation presented at: 

Illustration week 2020 | Curators - Noy Levin, Elena Kernos 

"Broken Heart" event 2020 | Curator - Noy Levin

Particle exhibition 2021 - The Lab | Curator - Sharon Toval 

100 years for Grands Moulins DIsrael 2021 | Curator Yael Bronner Rubin

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