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Everybody love to see themselves



"Mirror" is an interactive video installation that gives the viewer a chance to see themselves from a picturesque and different point of view.

The installation has two parts - the video and the viewers. 

The video  - time in the mirror runs slower. The viewer sees in parallel his real-time image and the image that was a few hundredths of a second ago. Once the viewer moves, the particles of his character (the pixels) disconnect and only when he stops moving they connect back to the character.

The second principle is color. The figure in the mirror is painted according to the amount of lighting in the environment. The light in space Interpreted in the mirror as "fire", which goes out every now and then and turns into a black and white image.

The viewer  - Everybody loves to see themselves, the bigger - the better, filters and video effects. we just can't control our hand reaching for the phone and take pictures.

Narcissus - Greece Myth 

"Narcissus was born in Thespiae in Boeotia, the son of Cephissus (the personification of the Boeotian river of the same name) and the nymph Liriope. His mother was warned one day by the seer Teiresias that her son would live a long life as long as 'he never knows himself.' As he reached his teenage years, the handsome youth never found anyone that could pull his heartstrings, indeed, he left in his wake a long trail of distressed and broken-hearted maidens, and one or two young men fell by the wayside too. Then, one day, he chanced to see his own reflection in a pool of water and, thus, discovered the ultimate in unrequited love and fell in love with himself. Naturally, this one-way relationship went nowhere, and Narcissus, unable to draw himself away from the pool, pined away in despair until he finally died of thirst and starvation. Immortality, at least of a kind, was assured, though, when his corpse (or in some versions the blood from his self-inflicted stab wound) turned into the flowers which, thereafter, bore his name." 

Mirror installation presented at:

particle exhibition 2021 | curator: Sharon Toval

Teo center. Herzelia - Bizarbbazzar 2021 | curator: Mark Burshtein

100 year for the Grands Moulins DIsrael 2021 | curator: Yael Bronner Rubin

BMW Art gallery "Hybrid Art" 2021| curator Yoram Hishin

What is "Mirror"?

from BMW Art Gallery

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